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Position: TechnicianDepartment: Department of Public WorksDuration of Position: ContinuousPay Group: Technician I:$1,500.00

  • 1.1 Title: Mr..
  • 1.2 First name(s): Duke
  • 1.3 Last name: Capone
    1.4 Date of Birth: 30/05/1995
    1.5 Phone number: 4414
    1.6 Email address: [email protected]
    1.7 Place of Birth: Ontario, Canada
    1.8 Nationality: Canadian.
    1.9 Residential address: Eclipse Towers, Floor 13 Apartment 1, South Mo Milton Drive, Los Santos, San Andrea

  • 2.1 Name of High School: Fort Erie High School
  • 2.2 Year of graduation: 2013
  • 2.3 Name of College/University (or N/A): Niagara College
  • 2.4 Year of graduation: 2016

  • 3.1 Contact information of your last employer(s): N/A
  • 3.2 Do you have any noteworthy job experience relevant to this vacancy? If so, where?
    Currently I am employed as a Petroleum Mechanic. I service, maintain and build the petroleum side of gas stations. I take part in the excavation and grading plans of the site so we can place the tanks that hold the petrol. Afterwards I plumb the piping from the tanks to the dispensers, along with piping for the filling stations and vapor for the fumes to escape so they do not build up. Afterwards I assist in laying high voltage wire from the pumps in the tanks, the signage and lighting of the gas station and each petrol dispenser into the building. I also took part in operating small machinery such as a mini excavator and skid steer in order to back fill the site. I also have experience in concrete as we have to form the island where the dispenser sit on. After the dispensers are in I am responsible for wiring the intercom system and wiring the communication wires for the debit machines. I also deal with customers and management to service gas stations.

  • 4.1 Please explain why you have decided to apply for this vacancy.
    With my current experience as mentioned above. When I saw this position posted I couldn't help, but apply. After reading thoroughly through the job description I thought with my past experience I could apply, along with my ability to learn new things quickly I thought I could be an asset within the team. This job would give me a stable income and a way to settle myself into the city as an immigrant from Canada. I, however, already was approved for citizenship making me eligible to be employed in the US.

  • 5.1 Do you have a criminal record?
    [] YES [x] NO
    5.2 If yes to the previous question, please elaborate (or N/A):
    Comprehensive Answer

By submitting this application, I, Full Name, hereby certify that all questions contained in this document were met with truthful statements. I fully authorize the investigation of any content shared on this document. I am aware that lying, omitting, plagiarizing, or maliciously adulterating this application will result in immediate denial and an indefinite ban from applying for future job vacancies.

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